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01:01pm 05/11/2007

02:43pm 06/05/2005
  Hey I know I posted about this before on a Monday night, but wanted to post it again tonight because everyone had such a good time they've given us a Friday night for those of you with weekday jobs.

Basically the jist is that we're having another dance party tonight at Chances on MLK and Fremont.

click here for the playlist from Monday 4/11.

No cover
$1 microbrews from 9pm-10pm so you can get primed for cheap. ;)

We'll have some lighting set up and will be moving a lot of the tables out of the way for a larger open area.
here is a flyer and some pictures from last timeCollapse )

I'm expecting a good mix of people tonight so if you're in the mood, come get down.
thanks internet!   
08:34pm 09/01/2005
  Why don't people in Indonesia take showers?



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05:32am 01/05/2004


A party for lid0x's 21st bday at my house tonight (Saturday May 1)wocketpatch@yahoo.com or got420inmyname for directions
03:26am 10/02/2004
  This summer I am going to hitch-hike to the east coast. For fun.  
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12:34am 13/11/2003
I'm boring

why is YOUR livejournal annoying?
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12:22pm 31/10/2003
  So it's Halloween
And you feel like dancin'
And you feel like shinin'
And you feel like letting loose

Whatcha gonna be?
Babe, you better know
And you better plan
Better plan all day
Better plan all week
Better plan all month
Better plan all year

You're dressed up like a clown
Putting on your act
It's the only time all year
You'll ever admit that
I can see your eyes
I can see your brain
Baby nothing's changed
You're still hiding in a mask
You take your fun seriously
No, don't blow this year's chance
Tomorrow your mold goes back on
After Halloween

You go to work today
You'll go to work tomorrow
Shitfaced tonight
You'll brag about it for months
Remember what I did
Remember what I was
Back on Halloween
But what's in between?
Where are your ideas?
You sit around and dream
For next Halloween
Why not everyday?
Are you so afraid
What will people say
After Halloween

Because your roll is planned for you
There's nothing you can do
But stop and think it through
But what will your boss say to you
And what will your girlfriend say to you
And what will people out on the street
They might glare at you
And whadya know?
They're pretty self-conscious too!

So you run back and stuff yourselves in rigid business costumes
Only at night to score is your leather uniform exhumed

Why don't you take your social regulations
And shove 'em up your ass?
02:09pm 26/10/2003
mood: jubilant
Holy crap this busted the gut.
10:23am 26/10/2003
mood: distressed
All about federal "pound you in the ass" prison.
06:33pm 29/09/2003
  well today when i was working on my engine my hair kept getting in my face and i didnt want to touch it with my oily hands and at one point it got all tangled up in my teeth and i started choking on it! at that point i became so irritated that i just grabbed the scissors sitting next to me and lopped the whole mop off. it looks pretty funny now.  
05:50am 25/09/2003
mood: blah
Conscious self
Overall self
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12:42pm 06/09/2003
mood: exhausted
so i went hiking with my dad. it took a little over 4 days. my problem before i left was i was out of shape but not anymore! now im out of shape all beat up too.
we started at cascade locks off 84 on the columbia and it's all a blur of sweat and pain. lets just say that along the way was the timberline lodge.
i saw some cool stuff, but no cougars or bears. fuck.
10:52am 22/08/2003

Spinnaker, Dolomites, Broadside Johnny, Cap'n Bogg, 8pm, 21+
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country cookin   
05:36am 16/08/2003
  i care.
but me doesn't at all.
so i might say it sucks if you die, but me feels fine about it.
you know, whatever.
fights plaque   
09:47pm 05/08/2003
mood: sore
so my sleeping schedule is fucked. i slept from 1:30pm to 8:30pm today. last night kadesh and i stayed up all night playing pool, then when it got light out we went skating and played tennis at a little after 6am ... it was cool. the place was deserted. we skated over to haggen's and he bought a big fuckin sandwich and some maui onion chips for us to share. yum. it was crazy trying to skate since it's been something like 8 years since i used to skate. i can still ollie over a curb that's in my way but i wasnt able to land any simple kickflips or anything like that. partially because i am out of practice and partially because i seem to have lost a lot of nerve. the wheels jeep gave me are much better than the crappy ones i had from back in the day.. then we decided to take a shortcut and ended up having to climb a fence. there was a spike on the top of the fence and it punctured through the sole of my shoe and really hurt. good thing the VANS insoles are tough, otherwise it probably would've punctured my foot too. we came home and played chess. it was a good game. i totally had kadesh cornered and was just about to fuck him in the ear when something went wrong and shortly after that he checkmated me. ass wart. then i decided to go to bed but instead vegged out in front of the computer for a few hours. life is good.
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04:51am 04/08/2003
mood: tired
I went to Mexico in June. I couldn't post my tale of adventure because podunit went down and i was too lazy to find another host for the pictures.

Most of this was written on the train or in hotels, but some was filled in at home when I remembered things that shouldn't be left out, or to add the pictures after they were developed. I still have two rolls that haven't been developed yet.
Anyway, now there is a new incarnation of podunit, so here is my tale*, factory direct to you!

*this is written from my perspective, so if you're likely to get mad or offended consider just skipping this entry. it's easy.

Warning: very very long.
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03:24am 09/07/2003
  yknow what... why dont we go to dahlia after we get back from mexico... that would be better for me... as long as my mom says its ok.  
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02:08am 31/05/2003
aberzombie24 97%
caligulatd 92%
nordicglow 91%
wildmina 91%
erroneusfelon 80%
jimmythehand 69%
a_dork 65%
How compatible with me are YOU?
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11:59am 26/05/2003

What kind of Lemur are you?

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09:57am 24/05/2003
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